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Geroge Harrison - 1974


David Bowie

Joe Satriani - 2008

The Sex Pistols - 2006

Led Zeppelin

Edgar Winter


Paul McCartney

Pink Flyod


Welcome to Pramalot Concert Page

Welcome to the Pramalot Concerts page. All of the pictures were taken by the owner of the website at the various shows listed. Almost all of the picutres on this site were shot on slides. Since they didn't have 400 speed fim, I had to have the film pushed while processing. Nowadays, 400 speed film is nothing.

The pictures were taken with a Yashica camera with a 400 mm telephoto lens. The Fstop was 60. That was the lowest setting on the lens, so I had the shutter speed at 1/60th of a second. That's why some of the shots are a little blurry. I only paid $35.00 for the lens in 1972. Cheap back then.

Every now and then, when I get the concert slides scanned, I'll post the new shows. Not all of the pictures will be in sharp focus, but that's the way it goes. As you can see from the concert listing, Ive been to a variety of shows of the years.

The more recent concert pictures were taken with either a Canon SD550 or a Canon SD870 IS. The Canon 870 IS was used for the Joe Satriani concert.

Email the Pramalot Web Guy (picture taker, etc..) here if you have any questions about the concerts.

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